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7 ways to use our trays for art experiences

I love getting creative. Even though I am not the greatest, I love the way I feel when I'm getting creative, I feel relaxed and peaceful. I love working in the garage on wood projects or drawing or painting on the iPad using Adobe Sketch or even getting my paints out. 

So here are some ideas of how you can set up play experiences for your children using Art. 

Let's first look at some drawing activities. Here are a few ideas depending on the capabilities of your child. You could ask your child to enjoy some free drawing and let them draw whatever they like or you could guide them and set out something they can copy, for example, a vase of flowers. Talk about the colours they see and what colours they might use for their drawing. They could even copy a drawing from a book or iPad. 

Another option for drawing is chalk drawing. You might want to use black paper or even a mini chalkboard you might have at home. You can vary the thickness of the chalk depending on the capability of your child.

Another fun activity is painting. Now I know it is a lot of fun to get out a big piece of paper or an easel but it is also an important skill to learn how to do controlled drawing or painting and learn how to paint on a smaller piece of paper. Again, like the drawing, this could be free painting or they could paint an object you put on display for them to copy.

The last idea is stamping. You can use whatever stamps you have at home. This can be fun or educational. You could use letter or number stamps to practice letter recognition or build words. You could even encourage pattern making.

Our trays are so versatile and can be used for a wide range of learning experiences. I would love to hear from you. How would you use our trays?

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