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Conditioner & Cornflour

I've always seen this recipe floating around on the internet but have never actually tried it. It was super easy to make and the final product is honestly, heavenly!

So I'm not one to follow recipes very well so apologies to those of you that like to stick to a recipe to the tee. The recipe I found said add equal parts cornflour and hair conditioner to a bowl and mix. 

So I added about 3 quarters of a little bowl of cornflour and then had intended to add the same amount of conditioner, but i didn't have enough. So it ended up being half a bowl of conditioner. If you're looking for exact measurements I would say roughly a cup of conditioner and 1 and a quarter cup of cornflour. 

I'm glad I added more cornflour and not equal parts because this recipe calls for more cornflour to get the consistency right!


I then mixed that together really well and it kind of turned into a melted marshmellow look, not what I was going for!

So I sprinkled cornflour on my bench top and kneaded the dough. I kept adding cornstarch until I got to the consistency of smooth dough. I had to keep kneading and adding cornflour until it was no longer sticky.

Mum life then kicked in and I had to feed and change the baby. So I only got back to the dough about an hour later. But it held up so well and was an amazing consistency, not dry, not sticky... heavenly. I think this might just be the best playdough I've ever made. 

Now's the part where you add your colouring. You can choose any colour you like, or even leave it natural. I decided to go for light pastel colours. 

My advice would be to add a little bit of colouring at a time until you get the colour you like. 

I must say that this dough is so soft and smooth and it smells amazing!! I've been teaching Asher where his nose is and well this was perfect because we then spoke about smell and "smell with your nose". Here's a little picture of him smelling the dough. (That's his sniffing face, haha).

Obviously because this has hair conditioner in it, it is NOT taste safe, and Ash did try and eat it a few times, but I just reinforce the whole "not in your mouth" thing. I don't think it tasted as good as it smelt, lol! 

I used the dough for a beautiful dinosaur small world and dinosaur play. You can use it for whatever you like! If you make this recipe, I'd love to see your kiddies playing with it, or even helping you make it!


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