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Rainy Day

Well it’s a wet and cold day in Perth today and finding things to keep my nature lover occupied can be a struggle. Asher just loves being outdoors, he laughs and coos and babbles whenever he is outdoors. When he is cooped up indoors, he gets bored and irritable easily. So I feel like on these rainy days I really need to dig deep to keep him entertained (and there’s only so much Wiggles I can handle).

I found sugar free Jelly at Woolworths and made up a big batch and let it set overnight. This is a great activity because its so easy to make and you can add just about anything to the jelly to make it fun and exciting. You can do ‘themed’ jelly play and add specific figures like dinosaurs, farm animals, cars etc or you can just add whatever you have lying around at home. In this case, that’s exactly what I did. It was a few random teething toys, balls and cups to hide in the jelly. Initially I just put him in there with the jelly and let him go wild. Well he’s a baby led weaning baby so naturally he just put it in his mouth but eventually started playing with it more and more and loved squishing it between his fingers and toes.


This is such a fun and easy activity and it kept him entertained for ages. And then when he was done I popped him into a nice warm bath and we got snug and warm with some books. How good?!

I set up the activity in the shower so that it would be easy to clean and hose everything down at the end.

What’s your favourite rainy weather activity?

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