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Spooning Activity

Montessori Practical Life Activity
This is such an easy activity to set up. You Will Need:
🌵2 bowls
🌵a spoon
🌵and a sensory component
When deciding on a sensory component, use sensory items that are appropriate for your child's capabilities. When starting out with younger children, use bigger objects like pom poms or large beads. You can keep changing these up to increase the difficulty. You can use any dry ingredient to practice spooning, like lentils, beans, rice, salt, sand etc.

The idea is to teach children a very simple practical life skill of spooning. While they are spooning from one bowl to another, they are developing fine motor skills and crossing the midline. Winner!! You could also get your child to spoon from one bowl to an ice tray. Make sure you set it up that they are spooning from left to right or right to left. We want them to cross the midline so that both sides of the brain are talking to each other!

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