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The beauty of Montessori

Now I must start off and say I am no Montessori expert and have only worked in a Montessori INSPIRED school which means that we had elements of Montessori in our school and a lot of the Montessori equipment but it was definitely not a 'purist' Montessori school. 

But one thing I loved about Montessori is the fact that school looked so different to your traditional school set up. One of the main differences you would notice walking into a Montessori school is the fact that the age groups are combined. So you could walk into a classroom with 3-6 year olds all in one space, learning. 

I loved having a class of children of different ages and stages because it meant children 'worked' at their own pace. But the best part? The best part was that the younger children got to learn from the older children and the older children could 'teach' the younger children. What a great concept! It was amazing to see the older children develop a sense of leadership and authority! 

In my Montessori classroom you would see so much teamwork and collaboration. I mean seeing those skills develop at 3 to 6 years old is incredible, we need to see more of that! 

I love it when children take ownership of their own learning, it makes them want to learn more. It makes them excited about their learning journey. 

How good is it that if you have children of different ages in your home, that they learning such important skills already, the younger ones learning and copying everything the older ones do and the older ones learning leadership skills. 

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